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This is a collection of articles, presentation slides, posts and longer publications that provide some insights into our thinking - the issues that interest us and the ideas we are keen to promote. In some cases, these were produced to meet specific client requirements and are available in full via links on client websites. You can search amongst these by date or by theme, read our short summaries or download the full articles.

Does regulation hinder the take-up of technology in the legal sector?
The idea that technology might have a disruptive impact on the provision of legal services is not new. Concerns were raised about the impact on legal practice of fax machines in the 1980s, the...
The global impact of the Legal Services Act 2007
As we mark the 10th anniversary of the Legal Services Act, those of us who have been knocking around the international legal services scene since the mid-2000s can be forgiven a wry smile.
Building Blocks for Successful Commercial Dispute Resolution Centres
Our work for three dispute resolution centres in Northern Ireland, Nigeria and Dubai has got us thinking about what makes an effective institution and an attractive offer for clients. In this series...
The role of law societies and bar associations in regulating and facilitating international trade in legal services
We wrote this article in response to a request to contribute the opening chapter to a forthcoming edition of the IBA publication, ‘Benchmarking Bar Associations: A Guide for Bar Associations and Law...
Hard Choices for Trade in Legal services post Brexit
This short article, which first appeared in the Brief in July 2016, provides a tour d’horizon of the trade in legal services issues that the government will need to deal with now the UK has taken the...
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